Placita Kitchen Remodel

This is the first project we undertook at Placita Ardilla, in 2004.  I am looking for the before photos so that a comparison can be made.

I was insistent about not having any space above the cabinets.  That space is just a great spot to gather dirt and dust.  I opted to have the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling instead of having a soffit.  The storage space is incredible, but being a bit short has it’s drawbacks.  I should have installed a library ladder.

I love this little sink!

I wanted a kitchen island with a cooktop so that my back wouldn’t be to everyone all of the time.  Ryan wanted a bar because he had one in the house he grew up in and really liked having one.  In retrospect, we realize that for someone who really loves cooking a single level island may have been a better choice.  I do like that the difference in levels prevents the people sitting at the bar from getting splashed with food.  (Cooking Indian food can be messy.)  And I feel as though I am hosting my own show, which has it’s pros and cons.

It is entirely too bad that we took photos while the kitchen was trashed.  That is certainly how it usually looks, but I really wish I had some staged pictures to share!

The wine fridge has ended up being the mostly soda and chocolate fridge.

One of my favorite things about this kitchen is the very conveniently located cookbooks.  The shelves are deep enough to hold binders, and the shelves are adjustable.

 Having the double ovens is a real treat, especially for the holidays.  There is counter space both in front of the fridge and beside the ovens, which makes life much easier.

We added a mudroom as well, and decided to move the laundry to the other side of the house, closer to the bedrooms.  But that is another remodel story…


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