Florida Part III

There is still so much to do with this house, but here are some photos of what has been done so far.  The dining room desperately needs wall hangings, but I am in search of something really meaningful and special.  The search continues…

This is a small space that seemed like an ideal quiet spot.  There is another chair just like this one in another reading nook upstairs.

The kitchen at night.  The layout of this kitchen is really ideal.  I love the butler’s pantry (to the left) and the lighting.

The breakfast nook.

Baba’s study. This photo is so blurry!  I will replace it with a better picture when I have one.

The master bedroom.  This photo also needs to be replaced.  The bed frame and nightstands were custom made.

The master bedroom custom built bookshelves and dressers.

I finally decided on the furniture for the “hers” master bath.

The powder room.

The downstairs guest bedroom.

I love having a mudroom, so I had a custom made cubby built for this space by the garage.

The living room.  I am still working on getting curtains for this room.

The family room.

The result of my frantic attempts to stop the alarm from beeping.  When I arrived at the house, after a long flight and late at night, the alarm was beeping loudly.  I couldn’t get it to stop and I was desperate to quiet the beeping.  Kitchen utensils, ladder, and a broom handle were all employed to bring that thing down.

The upstairs reading nook.

The loft office/TV room.

The loft coffee/tea bar.

The dining room chandelier.


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