Calle Part IV

Preparing for stucco!

This is the future study area for the kids.  The front door is to the left.

The living room/family room.  The study area is to the right.  We decided to keep an open layout, with space for everyone, because we noticed that no matter what, we all tend to congregate in the same area to work and play.

A fireplace will be placed under the middle window.  It vents out through the side of the house.

The dining room.

The kitchen.

One of the bedrooms.

A possible bedroom, or in our case, my office.

The second bedroom.  This bedroom has a sliding door leading to a deck.

View from the kitchen to the bedrooms.

Master bedroom.

Workspace/office.  This used to be the original garage.

Same space, different view!  The room is also going to have a laundry area.

This is the master bathroom.

One of the hall baths.  The original house had two separate bathrooms, as well, but one was accessible only through one of the bedrooms.  We redesigned the space to have two side by side bathrooms, one for each kid.  When we have guests, we are able to have to bathrooms available to them without having to have people going in and out of someone’s room.

The second bathroom.

A look into the pantry!

The deck on the side of the house.  The pantry opens onto this deck, as well as the second bedroom.

The view from the backyard.


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