Calle Part II


And so construction begins!

The first noticeable change was, of course, the removal of the front walkway and of the frog fountain.  Fortunately, by then the frogs had vacated the area, so it didn’t feel murderous to get rid of it!

The house had felt so dark when we had first seen it.  The removal of the back walls of the house let so much light in and we were really happy that we had decided to attempt to maximize windows in the house.

The west facing living room wall.  We thought that perhaps a window had originally existed here, but the heat of the setting sun had prompted the owners to get rid of the window.

Our goal was to try and reclaim that view.

The back of the house.

The front door.  This shot was taken from where that fireplace used to be.

The fireplace is nothing more than rubble.

A view of the west living room wall.  We almost wished that we could leave the room this open!

The east wall, where the kitchen and dining area will be. (And most likely once were!)

View down the hall from the master bedroom towards the kitchen and living room.  The rooms to either side are the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The master bedroom.

The original garage.  The plans call for this wall to be the laundry area.

Starting fill in the open spaces.

The original garage, which will be an office space and the new garage beyond that.  The new garage and the re-built dining area are the only to additions to the house.


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